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Johannes Schaffroth

Johannes and Elizabeth Stettler who were both originally from the area of Worb, Switzerland, emigrating to America in 1852 with seven children via a boat that docked on the Ohio River near Wheeling, West Virginia. They died in 1862/3 within three months of each other.

Letter from Stella Bogert, granddaughter of Johann & Elizabeth Stettler Schafrott

Elizabeth Stettler

Johannes and Elizabeth had the following children:

  • Lizzie Walters
  • Fred
  • Mary Ann (spouse of John Waelchli)
  • Levi (Gotlieb)
  • Kate (Katherine) Romang
  • Louisa Walters
  • John (who died in infancy)
  • Carolini Bogert (born March 16, 1853 in Bethlehem, Ohio)
  • Edward (born near Hannibal, Ohio)
  • Lewis (born near Hannibal, Ohio)
Elizabeth had three sisters: Anna Hutmacher, Madaline Stucki, and Katherine (died; never married).

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