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Carl Theophilus and Marie Louise Xandry Odhner

Thanks to Beth Hessler for providing the following information:


Marie Louise Xandry

Marie... "died after surgery. From what I've heard and read, she survived the surgery, which was performed in 1917, during World War I, only to succumb to pneumonia she contracted due to the burning of her lungs and bronchi from the ether they administered as an anesthetic.

"Marie Louise or 'Lu Lu' (the endearing name her husband used to call her) and Carl were so close they were like one person, and loved one another very deeply. When she died, Carl must have felt lost. They were soul mates. (He was apparently a carrier of the Odhner family curse of serious cardio-vascular disease, which has been the primary killer of most of the Odhner men at a relatively young age, and quite a few of the women, even in their early 50s.)

"I've been told that Carl died within about 6 months after Marie. That left a whole family of fairly young little children without parents. They all had to be distributed amoung older brothers and sisters. I think that was sort of fluid and the kids got moved around a bit between their older siblings."

The children were sent to live with other family members. "Laurence Xandry and Philip Nathaniel were sent to Loyal Daniel and Flora Waelchli's place for a period of time. They used to call each other 'Wing and Chang'... it seems some of the younger brothers in the family used to call one another 'Oscar'". Anyway, when they were living with Loyal Daniel and Flora Waelchli Odhner they used to help take care of all their kids, including Ingrid."

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