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A middle aged Philip Mowry A young Philip Mowry


Philip Mowry was born on September 9, 1841 to parents John C. Mowry and Margaret Mowry (who were first cousins). He married Julia Lightner DeHaven on October 4, 1864.

Philip's father-in-law, David DeHaven, set Philip up in the stove manufacturing business with his son, Isaac DeHaven. Eventually this business failed, and in 1879 Philip's assetts were only about $10,000. He was then dependent on his wife's income.


Julia DeHaven Mowry (older woman), Sydney Kodama and baby Sidney Julia Lightner DeHaven was born on 1842 to David DeHaven and Eliza Wyke. Philip and Julia lived at one time at 65 Buena Vista Street, Allegheny, PA. Julia died in 1922.

See Photo of Grave (courtesy of Christ Church Shrewsbury Cemetery in Shrewsbury, NJ.)

Julia and Philip had the following children (not a complete list):

  • Sydney
    Married a Japanese visitor to Pittsburgh, Kashiro Kodama. Sister Julia declined to marry the other Japanese visitor. Lived in New Jersey for several years.
  • Margaret Louisa [1869-1922]
    See Photo of Grave (courtesy of Christ Church Shrewsbury Cemetery in Shrewsbury, NJ.)
  • Julia Catherine [1875-1964]
  • Eliza
    Married A.G. McKenna on January 4, 1893. In the winter of 1903-1904, Eliza and sister Julia (and other family members) went to England for business purposes. Philip Mowry McKenna born on July 16, 1897; George Alexander McKenna born on August 5, 1900; Anna Louise McKenna born on October 25, 1903.
Sydney and Kashiro Kodama

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