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Philip Mowry

Philip Mowry was born on January 28, 1780 to Christian Mowry and Margaret Klingensmith. During his childhood he went to live with his uncles in Westmoreland County, but returned home around the age of ten to help his family (his father died when Philip was around ten). Philip desired to enter the ministry, but never saw that dream fulfilled. He became a blacksmith and apprenticed to William Gormley, later rising to foreman.

Philip married Susan Boyle on February 7, 1798. Shortly after getting married, Philip attempted to set up a shop in Westmoreland, but gave up after a few weeks. He went back to Pittsburgh and became a journeyman, setting up a shop for himself after a few months. On July 4, 1808 he was appointed Justice of the Peace by Governor McKean.

During the War of 1812, Philip was appointed Brigade Quartermaster of the First Brigade of Pennsylvania Volunteers. He returned home (after marching to Buffalo) around January of 1814 (most likely). He was able to retire around 1816 because of a small income we had due to capital. He wishes to live in the country and hire a private teacher for his many children. He became an aldermen for the city after Pittsburgh was incorporated on March 18, 1816. Philip went back to work, this time in the mercantile business but eventually failed at this endeavor. In 1817, he moved to Canonsburg for a year. In 1820 he moved to a temporary home on a farm, where his family lived in poverty. In April of 1823 he moved to Greensburg, then various moves eventually ending back up in Pittsburgh where he opened a grocery store in November of 1826. Two years later a house was built in Allegheny where they lived until Philip's death on July 31, 1846.

A diary is said to exist, simply entitled Diary of Philip Mowry (1780-1846), as well as A Sketch of My Life

Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle was born on Christmas day (December 25) of 1776 to William Boyle and his wife (name unknown) in Banbridge, County Down, Ireland. She married Philip on February 7, 1798. She died on January 21, 1857. She and Philip had 13 children.

  • Margaret, born 1810-1847, PA
  • Robert B., born 1813-1895
  • Matilda

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