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John C. Mowry

John C. Mowry was born on December 30, 1806 to parents Peter Mowry and Elizabeth Gray in Pennsylvania. John married Margaret Mowry on May 4th or 11th of 1830. The wedding ceremony was performed by Rev. Dr. Black in Allegheny County, PA. (Margaret was his first cousin.)

In 1833, at the time of his father's death, John inherited five acres next to the town of Canton, Ohio, plus one of his two new houses in Diamond Alley, and $1000 in stock of the Bank of Pittsburgh.

After the death of his first wife in 1847, John later married Sydney Jane Gregg on November 20, 1849.

It is believed that John was a free-spirited music teacher and dancing master, who had been to Europe and studied with Liszt. Family lore has it that the reason he had to marry a cousin was that he said there was no one else good enough for him. John was an organist at the Sixth Avenue Church, where his father was a vestryman.

The date of his death is not known.

Margaret Mowry

Margaret Mowry was born in 1810 to parents Philip Mowry and Susan Boyle in Pennsylvania. She died in 1847 when her son Philip was just seven. She and John had the following children before John remarried:

  • Margaret, born 1836 or 1838, PA
  • Philip, born 9 Sep 1841, PA
    Philip married Julia Lightner DeHaven on October 4, 1864. Was seven when his mom died.
Sydney Jane Gregg

Sydney Jane Gregg married John C. Mowry on November 20, 1849.

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