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  • 31 July 2011 | Updated new photos and names, dates of births and deaths, etc. to Evans and Reinfurt pages
  • 1 Jan 2008 | Added letter from Stella Bogert, granddaughter to Johann & Elizabeth Stettler Schafroth, talking about family. With photo of Mary Ann Schafroth and John Waelchli.
  • 1 Jan 2008 | Added Stettler family tree from 1539 to present. Including surnames Stettler, Schaffer, Solothurmann, Althaus, Aeschman, Streichenberger, Buerki, Wenger, Ruefenacht, Lauderacht, Lehmann, Schaffroth, and others
  • 1 Jan 2008 | Added personal correspondence letters between Denise Weber and Malcolm Cowley; historical marker paperwork; personal correspondence between Ms. Weber and Robert Cowley (Malcolm's son); added articles entitled "1985 grads join 'real world'", "Belsano literary critic never forgot his roots", "Malcolm Cowley's Belsano Formed a Genius", "Cowley legacy a generation of U.S. writers"
  • 1 Jan 2008 | Added excerpts from Denise Weber's book, Delano’s Domain: A History of Warren Delano’s Mining Towns of Vintondale, Wehrum, and Claghorn, Volume I, 1789–1930

Famous Family Members?

  • Daniel Boone
    I had heard that I was related to American frontiersman Daniel Boone and former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. Is this rumor true? There is an element of veracity. In the research I did, Flora WAELCHLI (1896-1982) had a mother who was a HUGHES (Alena HUGHES of Canada). This HUGHES family traces back several generations to Sarah HUGHES (born 1779 in PA, USA). Her father was George HUGHES and mother was Martha BOONE. Martha's grandfather was George BOONE III who married Mary Milton MAUGRIDGE. They had at least ten children, one of whom was Squire BOONE. Squire married Sarah MORGAN and one of their children was the well known explorer Daniel Boone.

  • U.S. President Abraham Lincoln
    Going back to that same Sarah HUGHES (1779), one of her mother's (Martha BOONE) father's (James BOONE) children was Anne BOONE. In the research I have done (though very incomplete), it appears that Anne married Abraham LINCOLN (born 1736 or 1744, Amity, Berks Co., PA, USA) who was the father of Thomas LINCOLN. Thomas may have married Nancy HANKS in Washington Co., KY on June 12th, 1806. If so, then one of their children was the famous U.S. President Abraham LINCOLN. However, E. DeHaven who has done extensive family history research has graciously pointed out to me that this Thomas actually married Alice Dehaven, daughter of Harmon DeHaven and Susannah Miller. So with this new bit of information at hand, I am thoroughly confused.

    Note: Teri Cladianos Odhner, who has also researched this, says the following: "I traced ...the family, HUGHES, back to our 7-Great Grandparents who were Daniel Boone's Grandparents and found that the Abraham Lincoln that Martha Boone's (our 5-Great Grandmother) sister, Anne Boone, married is Pres. Abe Lincoln's grandfather's half-brother. Not Anne Boone's grandson unfortunately." Thanks Teri! Rather than change what I had written from my research, I wanted to present this as well. Still confusing...

  • U.S. General Grant
    Rumor has it that Agnes Robinson Grant (who married William John Camlin), mother of Margret Camlin (who married David McCandless Cowley) is somehow related to General Grant. I have not done research on this yet.

  • Malcolm Cowley
    Encyclopedia Britannica describes Malcolm as an "American literary critic and social historian who chronicled the writers of the 'Lost Generation' of the 1920s and their successors; literary editor of The New Republic [which EB describes as "one of the most influential liberal magazines in the United States from its founding in 1914"] from 1929 to 1944." Read More...
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