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Milagrosa Canyon, Tucson. Click here for photos.

Milagrosa Canyon (Tucson)
In a little known area not far from Sabino Canyon, climbing buddy Todd and I went for a days outing. Here are some photos from the area. 7 photos. [click here]
Peralta Trail. Click for more photos.

Peralta Trail / Weavers Needle (Superstition Mountains)
Peralta Trail is a magnificent, though very popular, 4.5 mile trek up to the saddle for a great view of Weavers Needle. I managed to take a plethora of great shots from my one and only hike here (so far). For those with children, this hike is tiring but able to be done by those 5 and older. (My daughter did it--5 years old). 16 photos. [click here]
Seven Springs. Click for more photos.

Seven Springs
In the Tonto National Forest just beyond Cave Creek and Carefree, AZ. 15 photos. [click here]
Sears-Kay Ruins. Click for larger image.
Rock Formations at the Sears-Kay Ruins. Click for lager image.

Sears Kay Ruins
In the Tonto National Forest just beyond Cave Creek and Carefree, AZ (before you get into the Seven Springs camping and recreation area). I was actually more interested in the rock formations (and wishing I had time to do some bouldering) than I was in the 900-year old preserved Native American dwellings.
Flatiron Hike. Click for larger image.

Flatiron Hike, Superstition Wilderness
Accessible from Lost Dutchman State Park, Apache Junction, AZ.
Flatiron. Click for larger image.
The Jutting Flatiron
The top of this peak at Flatiron is the destination for many hikers. The roundtrip time from the parking lot at Lost Dutchman State Park is about 5 hours. Very enjoyable, but quite difficult at places. I've seen almost all ages do this hike, though not many babies.
Back view of the Superstitions from the Flatiron Hike. Click for larger view.

Behind Flatiron
Once you get to the top of Flatiron, you can walk around the south side to the back. This is the view that awaits. Gold Canyon can be seen off to the right (though not in this photo).
Near the Peralta Trail, Superstition Wilderness. Click for larger image.

Peralta Trail Area, Superstition Wilderness.
South of Gold Canyon, AZ.
Papago Park, Phoenix. Click for larger image.

Unique Geology at Papago Park
East side of Phoenix. Hiking, mountain biking, and home to the Phoenix Zoo and Desert Botanical Garden.
Papago Park. Click for larger image.

Papago Park, Another View
Manmade lakes in the foreground. Camelback Mountain in the background.
Canyon Lake. Click for larger image.
Canyon Lake
One of the three manmade lakes found in the Superstition Wilderness east of Apache Junction (Roosevelt and Apache Lakes are the other two). Popular with boaters and fishermen, these lakes are wonders to behold. Boat rentals and dinner cruises are available at Canyon Lake. (I can't speak for the other lakes... sorry).
Boyce Thompson Southwest Arboretum. Click for larger view.

Boyce Thompson Southwest Arboretum
This beautiful area is like an oasis in the desert. Boasting to have flora from almost every continent on the planet, this destination is a haven for birds and tourists looking for a change of pace. A trail leads around the lake. Near Superior.
Near Gates Pass. Click for larger image.

Gates Pass
West of Tucson near Old Tucson
Sentinels of the Highway. Click for larger image.

Sentinels of the Highway
These two stately rock features guard the higway leading up Mt. Lemmon near Tucson.
The view from Mt. Lemmon. Click for larger image.

Geology Vista
The view from the highway leading up Mt. Lemmon near Tucson.

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