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"   c e n t r a l    t e r r i t o r y   "

Montezumas Castle, near Camp Verde

Montezuma Castle National Monument
An ancient dwelling perched high up in the side of a mountain. This state park is located near Camp Verde just off of I-17.
Montezuma's Well, near Camp Verde

Montezumas Well
A massive sinkhole just a few miles from Montezuma's Castle, this geological wonder also contains several Indian ruins.
Granite Dells, Prescott. Click for larger image.

Granite Dells, Prescott
This truly amazing geographical area delights the dweller with a unique lake. Multicolored granite rocks jut out of the water, smoothly rounded by the forces of nature over time.
English Kitchen. Click for larger image.

The English Kitchen, Jerome
This quaint restaurant in Jerome calls itself "the oldest restaurant in Arizona". Great food, if you can catch it open.
Overlooking Jerome. Click for larger image.

Park View, Jerome
Jerome is built on the side of a mountain. This photo is taken from a small park area toward the center of town. Sedona is off in the distance toward where the photo point.
Click for larger image.

No. 220, Jerome
As seen on one of the side streets in downtown Jerome.

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