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at the Aurora pastelaria   

Restaurants in town:
Copacabana (pizza), Cafe Carlos (pricier and intimate) | Pastelarias: Aurora (the best), Brasilia, Primaveira
Restaurants out of town:
Bamboo (pool/play area); Quinta de Gallo (on croc-infested water); Monte Nairuku (Portuguese-owned, by manmade dam)
Africa Comercial; Gani Grocery; Ideal; Sabel; Nampula Trading; Casa das Fruitas
In the morning my friend Ian and I head to town to buy a few groceries and exchange money. I am impressed by the sheer size of the town. The streets are wide with median strips running down the center. It is well planned, but seems to struggle with an understandable shortage of occupancy downtown. Many shops are simply closed, though some are obviously thriving. Exchanging money at the banks' lower rate puts a damper on my morning as I learn later that other places would have been much more generous. Chalk it up to not having insider information... I'm just a traveler passing through.

The Casa das Fruitas and Africa Comercial grocery stores give me what I seek and we head back to pick up the family for our exit from Nampula. Soon we are all together and grab brunch at the best pasteleira available. The milkshakes prove to be amazing and I am in my element with a cafe con leite treat. Happiness ensues despite the disappointing sandwich I order. At least the sweets were worth it.

As I explore the street a bit while the others relax at the table awaiting the arrival of the food, I begin to think I could easily get used to this place. Perhaps sometime in the future it would be a good place to do some intensive language study in Portuguese if we do end up moving to the country. God only knows. The bustle of the city is so familiar to me and I feel immediately welcome.

Eager to get to the coast before sundown, we pack into our two trucks and take to the road again. Nacala Porto, about 2.5 hours east, is our destination today. We hear that the entire road is in good shape (i.e. paved) and we find it to be happily true. The city falls behind us as visions of the beach begin to toy with our mind.

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